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Wuka's organic cotton reusable pads are made from offcut fabric from Wuka's award-winning period underwear. A lining of COOLMAX® technology keeps your pads leak-proof with ultra absorbency. Super soft on the skin, these medium length pads are perfect for absorbing medium flows and come with wings with recyclable poppers to secure in any underwear. With the gusset always facing up, the pad can be worn either way round - easy! Simply pop the pad in the wash with your normal wash cycle and air dry.

  • Reusable pads are washable, which makes them great eco-alternatives
  • Before first use, give your pad a good soak for extra absorbency
  • Holds up to 20ml of blood, good for medium flow days
  • Machine wash at 40°C
  • No added chemicals, perfumes or nasties