THE BOTANIST- Magnolia, thuja, wintergreen soap

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Developed in collaboration with Marie-Victorin Park, one of the largest and most beautiful gardens in Quebec located in Kingsey Falls, The Botanist soap pays tribute to Brother Marie-Victorin, a famous botanist. A link had already been established between the Savonnerie des Diligences and the Marie-Victorin Park: the latter already had our soaps in its gift store during the summer season. The idea of an even closer collaboration came to the mind of the people of Marie-Victorin Park: after all, the life of Brother Marie Victorin sometimes resembled a true legend!

The Botanist soap is simply gentle and soothing. With essential oils of magnolia, cedar and wintergreen, its floral scent will remind you of a walk in the alleys of this magnificent garden! For the colors of this soap, we did several trials and finally chose two shades of green and white, in addition to the yellow and mauve of the illustration that evoke a beautiful sunny day! This soap is a complete aromatic and visual experience, just like a visit to Parc Marie-Victorin!