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Inspired by Waldorf pedagogy*, this cuddly doll is entirely natural, handmade with 100% organic cotton and stuffed with wool from Canadian sheep. Its serene face, individually hand-woven, leaves room for the imagination by its simplicity. An easy-to-hold comforter that is respectful of the environment and your baby's health. The perfect first doll for your baby!

  • 100% organic cotton woven in Montreal
  • Stuffed with wool from Canadian sheep
  • Hand washed
  • Made in Quebec

* According to the Waldorf philosophy, the most important thing for a toy is to encourage children's creativity. Each doll is handmade with love and care. Thus each one is unique, like each human. As the facial features are only slightly distinct, the child carries all the imagination of his mood on his doll - laughing, crying, sleeping, singing, being sad or happy. Waldorf dolls are made only of natural materials such as wool and cotton. They are warm and soft and invite to be held. They awaken attachment and affection.