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Multiple units of measurement 

USB-C charging lithium battery

Made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic

Silicone made from 20% recycled material

Environmentally friendly factories

We prioritize partnership with suppliers who invest in environmentally responsible practices. Our factories excel at waste reduction, water purification, and energy efficiency, and we work in partnership with them to reduce our footprint. Currently, all of our factories are finding ways to upcycle, recycle, or reuse materials that were historically known as waste. Additionally, on-site water purification systems allow for water used in manufacturing to be reused multiple times, and cleaned before reentering the gray water stream. As we work to adopt more renewable energy sources, we are proud to share that 75% of our factories use solar power for production, on-site parking or lighting.

Sustainable Distribution

Being a Climate Neutral Certified company, all MiiR product shipments have their carbon emissions offset.