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Bolga baskets are handmade in small communities using traditional methods. The women gather together to make the baskets to earn extra income to support their children and families. Each basket is completely unique and handcrafted just for you so the colors may vary.

Bringing the gift of handcrafted beauty to a place that many see as dark and gloomy, the Laundry Basket appeals to those who appreciate the little details in every aspect of their life. Each laundry piece is designed with the depth to hold whatever you desire to throw in it, and the durability to not fall or fold when heavy items are thrown in it.

Small 47cm tall, 36cm diameter

Medium 50cm tall, 41cm diameter

Large 53cm tall, 46cm diameter

Please treat dimensions as approximate only.  Each basket is an individual work of art, made by hand and not to any pre-programmed size, using skills and techniques passed down through generations.